Ongoing Projects

Larks Green Solar Farm Project, Itchington, Bristol

As Further, we have been providing site supervision services to EDEN Energy and Construction Limited, which is one of the subcontractors of Itchington Solar Farm Project, in Itchington, Bristol. Once this project is launched, it will be generated 72 MWp of energy.

Completed Projects

Thaxted Solar Farm Project, Essex, England

Thaxted Solar Farm Project is the first significant project of Further Design & Management Limited in the UK. The project, of which one of the UK’s greatest companies is a client, is located at 8 miles northeast of Stansted Airport in Essex County. When the project is launched, which is built on an area of 500 hectares, it will be generated 48 MWp of energy through approximately 90,000 solar panels.


Further outsourced setting-up stainless steel structure, solar panel installation, and site management assistance as a subcontractor in this project, whereas the client information is private and confidential as per the contract.


When 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference and its outputs are considered, Further is proud of to contribute to the UK’s Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Policy.