Construction Managers

Construction Management


Further not only provides design and project services, but also provides construction supporting services for the implementation of these projects. The fact that our experience has taught us, is the most successful implementations are those which the designer is also involved. Moving through this point of view, as Further, we provide our users the services of building survey, quantity survey and cost estimating, construction site management in accordance with the Construction (Design & Management) Regulations 2015, which are required for the successful implementation of the designs and projects that we produced. Because we know that the person who knows how to do these implementations best is their designer.


Building Survey

As a means of providing a detailed evaluation, building surveys are usually carried out by RICS chartered surveyors in order property owners to understand the general condition and identifying issues that require further attention of a property, to record potential risks and costs of any work that may be required, and to generate maintenance or development plans. They can also be prepared for homeowners, potential buyers, or investors in the portfolios to help to take a decision of future investments. Building surveys can be presented as a formal report that states the general condition of a property in a particular time, including all accessible elements of the property, with recommendations for an appropriate strategy.

The most common issues identified by condition surveys may include general condition, identifiable defects, structural movements, deteriorations, heating ventilation and air conditioning services, electrical services, plumbing, drainage, alterations, environmental and legal issues, energy performance of the property.

A RICS Condition Report [1] is in a standard format and includes the following sections:

  • Introduction to the report

  • About the inspection

  • Summary of the condition ratings

  • About the property

  • Outside the property

  • Inside the property

  • Services

  • Grounds (including shared areas for flats)

  • Issues for your legal advisers

  • Risks

  • Surveyor’s declaration

  • What to do now

  • Description of the RICS Condition Report Service

  • Typical house diagram


Measured Building Survey

In case of you need a building survey and a RICS condition report, we direct chartered surveyors, which we worked with, to you. But if you need an architectural and/or interior design service instead of an official RICS report, we provide measured building service for the purpose of determining the present measures of your real estate. Because any development and/or extension practically cannot be design unless a measured building survey is completed. A measured building survey is an accurate representation, which displaying all the architectural features and structural elements of a building and required to determine the present measures.

The survey usually covers a set of drawings including

  • internal floor plans,

  • internal and external elevations,

  • and cross sections

that enables owners to record all features of the property.

This set of drawings looks like planning drawings to be submitted to the local planning authorities but the additional measures. A measured survey is necessary because of any development and/or extension practically cannot be design unless a measured building survey is completed.


Quantity Survey

Wherever and whenever a design is made, every implementation has a cost. Designers often do not calculate costs and leave it to the contractors. However, the real quantities in a design and the quantities calculated by contractors may differ, as a result of this, construction cost may rise and cause more money to be spent out of the owners’ pockets. At this point, we also provide quantity surveying and cost estimating services to our valued customers, whether for the owner or the contractor.

Please note that the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) is the only competent authority to determine and publish standards and relevant guidance notes. As of the 1st of January 2013, 1st edition of ‘New rules of measurement 2: Detailed measurement for building works’ [2], published by the RICS, is being used in the building industry of the United Kingdom and relevant countries in order to meet a high standard of professional competence.

However, these rules have the status of a guidance note. Although members are not required to follow the recommendations contained in the note, they should consider the following points. Where recommendations are made for specific professional tasks, these are intended to represent ‘best practice’, i.e. recommendations which in the opinion of RICS meet a high standard of professional competence. In addition, guidance notes are relevant to professional competence in that each member of the RICS should be up to date and should have knowledge of guidance notes within a reasonable time of their coming into effect.

As Further, we provide the services of quantity surveying and cost estimating in compliance with the 1st edition of the NRM2 published by the RICS.

Quality Control (QC) &
Quality Assurance (QA) Services

As known, one of the most difficult thing in the UK construction industry is to find qualified people to perform Quality Control (QA) and Quality Assurance (QA) services. Thanks to our network across the country, we are able to perform both QC and QA services. Wherever and whenever these services are required, we are ready to help construction companies from the beginning.

Construction Site Management

As Further, we offer construction site management services which is one of expertise fields of Further for self-builders, property owners, real estate agencies deal with development activities, and any size of construction companies seeking a qualified person who can be responsible at the construction site in order to entirely manage a design to be implemented. According to the requirement of the customers, we are able to offer one of services of site supervision, construction management, and project management in return of either hourly wage or fixed-price.