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Interior Design & Project


The interior is one of the strongest pillars of Further. We offer interior design and project services for our users with our specialists who have over 20 year experiences in this field.


Interior Concept Design

As beforementioned, an architectural concept is the concept that forms the framework of a design, plays a decisive role at every stage, and carries it forward, and is its driving force. Each project that is desired to be successful should be derived from a conceptual approach. Correspondingly, the interior design should also be derived from this concept. In another saying, harmony between architectural and interior design is prerequisite for the success, and therefore, it is proposed that both designs should come from the same source. But sometimes it is desirable to create an independent interior concept. In this case, we create a brand new concept in line with the demands of our users.


Interior Implementation Project

The interior application project is produced at the end of a process similar to the architectural application project. The interior architect also prepares the interior application project, depending on the concept design to be handled by a team that includes the architect and the interior architect. The interior application project includes the production drawings made for the implementation of the decisions taken depending on the concept.

Although the interior application project can be represented with many different drawings and scales, a set of drawings of an interior application project usually includes the following drawings:

  • floor plans in 1/50 and 1/20 scales,

  • interior elevations in 1/50 and 1/20 scales,

  • sections in 1/50 and 1/20 scales,

  • detail drawings in 1/10, 1/5, 1/2, or 1/1 scales,

  • the features of all floor, wall, and ceiling finishing, furniture, and accessories to be used and their compliance with the standards and building regulations,

  • lighting and energy consumption calculations when necessary.

Please note that a successful interior application can be realised with the coordination of architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical applications, and therefore we strongly recommend that the design and coordination project be made by the same team or company.


Interior Photography

In the context of exhibiting a designed and/or a developed product, interior photography is at least as important as the design itself. Sometimes a remarkably successful design does not get the expected return due to unsuccessful photo shoots, on the contrary, sometimes even an ordinary design provides a higher return than expected thanks to successful photo shoots. Especially in the purchase, sale, and rental business that real estate agents are dealing with, professional interior photography gains more importance. In this context, we take photos of your interiors, adjust these photos and make these spaces more attractive to the target audience.