Erol Emre Oktar

Interior Design Specialist,
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (BIAED) Graduate

Emre was born in 1976 in Ankara. He received his Bachelor’s degree from Bilkent University, Interior Architecture and Environmental Design in May 2000. He worked with major interior architecture and construction companies such as Erol Katas Visionaries, Polimeks and Gentes. Within this period of time, he has worked on both new construction projects of 5-star-hotels such as Polat Renaissance, Dedeman, and restoration projects such as the historical Pera Parma Hotel. He also has been to Russia and Turkmenistan with the purpose of coordination of brand-new hotel projects. He has begun to focus on urban transformation and private housing projects in Istanbul and Izmir from 2014 to 2018. Because he would like to spend time with his family and self-improvement more, he turned to work as a freelancer. Emre has a great experience in his field for more than 20 years, and on computer programmes as well, he efficiently uses AutoCAD and Photoshop CS. Recently, he runs his research on sustainable architecture and interior as well. Finally, Emre has joined to Further team as the interior architecture specialist. Emre is also interested in photography, tracking, camping, and collecting that is a rarely-seen hobby amongst people.